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You know the NACE Certified Coatings Inspector course is a tough course. It's a TON of material to cover in your five days of class, plus the lab day and the Computer-based Testing requirement!

Many candidates show up woefully unprepared and struggle mightily with the material. There can be a significant amount of stress, with only two instructors and twenty-four student candidates.

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Our online study course is specifically designed for coating inspector trainees PLUS it will leave you with a more complete understanding of coatings application and inspection than the NACE course does on its own.

If you're a...

• Program/project manager or engineer
• Quality assurance/control manager
• Contractors and specification writer
• Coating manufacturer and technical sales representative
• Fabricator
• Paint applicator and blaster
• Maintenance personnel

...who wants to do more than the minimum or if you know there’s value in having a money-back security blanket in place, join our waiting list today and we'll let you know as soon as a spot opens up.

“We've got you. This is world-class study material for a world-class Certification.

PLUS - the Study Course is 100% risk-free.  While we CAN'T guarantee you will pass, we'll give you all your money back if you don't.

Amanda and Travis LeFever - Course Creators & NACE Certified Int'l Coatings Inspectors - Level III.

Would you like expert teaching for only 5 days or lifetime access and mentor for the rest of your career?

Amanda, Travis and their team of inspectors at MyPrep Partners have written the ultimate insider online course to provide this information, help you understand, apply for the certification, and ultimately achieve the status that leads to you earning more money and living a more fulfilled life. Forever.

We're like a little security blanket for people who might be worried about doing this alone. We'll walk with you.

Imagine enjoying your CIP 1 certification process and excelling instead of barely squeaking by. 

Imagine all the additional opportunities if you're well-versed as a Coatings Inspector rather than having simply "sat through the course."

Meet the MyPREP Leadership Team

Principal Consultants: Travis and Amanda LeFever

Travis LeFever is a 15-year NACE & SSPC veteran. He was selected early in his career for a role as a CIP Instructor and mentored by current NACE President Terry Greenfield. He has taught in 8 countries, including CIP 1, CIP 2, Bridge, Shipboard Corrosion Assessments, Protective Coatings Specialists 1 & 2, and sat as a Peer for CIP Level 3. He holds an SSPC Protective Coatings Specialist Certification and was the corporate sponsor and graduate of the inaugural class for the SSPC Concrete Coatings Inspector certification.

He has spoken at numerous NACE conferences, held multiple volunteer positions, including Chair of the NACE Carolinas Section, and currently sits on NACE technical committees and the Education Committee - CIP Task Force as well as the Applicator Training Task Force.

A successful entrepreneur, two of Travis' companies are Industrial Construction & Maintenance companies specializing in Field application of industrial coatings. His companies have held Prime contracts with every branch of the US military, including the Architect of the Capitol for work on Senate and House office buildings. One company held the SSPC QP-1 Certification.

Travis has worked in 29 states in the CONUS and 9 countries and has experience in a myriad of industries including Oil & Gas, Water & Wastewater, Food & Beverage, Power, Industrial Manufacturing, Mining, Aviation, and Military Industrial.


Amanda LeFever has been involved with NACE and SSPC since 2008 and is a Certified NACE Coatings Inspector - Level 3. Her Project & Operations Management expertise lies in streamlining processes, optimizing solutions, and revitalizing underperforming teams. She is proficient in delivering engaging & captivating presentations for large groups of professionals across diverse regions regarding various topics. A stickler for detail, she has earned recognition for developing & implementing programs that significantly improve crew-based quality & performance on industrial coatings projects.

Amanda owned and operated a woman-owned small business, securing her SSPC QP-1 Certification before being awarded several government contracts including a multi-million dollar contract with the Army Corp of Engineers and the US Air Force before expanding into commercial work and Oil & Gas industries.

She effectively communicates complex concepts and translates difficult information in a simplified manner for diverse groups. You're going to love her.

What makes us the best in the world to help you with this?

We're real people, not a big consulting firm.

We have owned and operated successful Accredited coatings contracting businesses, and hired inspectors from the NACE program. We are both Certified International Coatings Inspectors - Level 3, one of only 3 NACE-Certified husband-wife teams in the world.
Our company has a long history as coatings consultants, writing specifications, conducting failure analysis, and being expert witnesses.
Travis is also part of the NACE Leadership Institute, Section Chair, and sits on the CIP Committee.


We're experts who care about you.

I've has been helping people pass this class as an Instructor for 15 years in 8 countries. I've got great reviews and a stellar rating (4.9 out of 5!)

We both remember struggling through CIP 1 (Travis actually took Basic Corrosion first by mistake), so we feel your pain. As insiders, we know NACE and how it works.

We'll be your partner, take you step by step, hand in hand every step of the way.

"We believe in NACE and the mission of protecting people and assets from corrosion around the globe."

Amanda & Travis

At NACE, we need good people. And you need to have the best training possible as we fight this fight together against the effects of corrosion.  Amanda and I have met a lot of dedicated folks through our work in transportation, construction, aviation, education, marine, military industrial, oil and gas, and water/waste-water - and we want to help all of you, no matter your experience level, become better inspectors and improve your career, and your life.

"Travis, hope you and your family are doing well. My NACE CIP certification has not only increased my knowledge but it increased my ability to inspect to a greater level, making the inspection worth more to my clients. It has given me a great opportunity to meet people in the industry and make some great relationships. Thank you Sir for being one of those relationships."

Mike Landers
Certified Int'l Coatings Inspector Level 3, CIP Instructor

"[CIP] meant everything to me. I grew up in this industry. From collecting film thickness readings on the fridge at 6 years old with a banana gauge to eventually becoming a part of a huge network - that feels more like a family than work. To be able to work all over the world. To be a part of so many projects with so many companies. And to be proud to call something complete because I was trained by the best. It has meant being able to work hard to become something that allows me to provide a good life for my family. Something only I could obtain for myself. Something only I can lose. Something I will never betray..... and you can quote me on that"

Jeremi Day
NACE Lvl 3, CIP & OCAT Instructor - SSPC Protective Coating Specialist

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