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The NACE Certification Class is 40+ hours over 5 days - it's intense!

Right now you are probably worried about failing, or worried about what everyone at work will think if you don't pass. But there's also excitement of gaining influence at work, maybe making more money in your job and being more respected.

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Let's look at your career from way up high - where do you see yourself next year? In five years? In thirty years?
Your career genuinely starts here - and we can guarantee you pass!

Everything we do is specifically designed for coating inspector trainees and training with us will leave you with a more complete understanding of coatings application and inspection than the NACE course alone.

Here's how we can help you right now:

1) Complimentary online resources
2) Weekly Q&A calls (sign up)
3) Weekly emails - Strategies, study guides and practice quizzes
4) VIP access to our CIP 1 Training

Later on, if a spot opens up and you decide to look into our online courses, we can't guarantee you pass the exam but if you don't, we'll give you your money back, no matter what your experience level is.
PLUS lifetime access to the Mentor calls as a new inspector
PLUS networking with Amanda and Travis LeFever for job opportunities

“We've got you. Based on the reviews of over a thousand students in NACE classes around the world, this is the right way to teach Coatings Inspection

PLUS - this is risk-free.  While we CAN'T guarantee you will pass, we'll give you all your money back if you don't.

Amanda and Travis LeFever - Course Creators & NACE Certified International Coatings Inspectors - Level 3

Study anywhere, and start early so you're fully prepared when you attend the course.

We believe in the power of the NACE CIP Inspection Certification Program to improve lives and careers. We're products of the program ourselves. We've have provided this information to help you understand everything and ultimately achieve the status which will lead to you earning more money and living a more fulfilled life. Forever.

We're like a little security blanket for people who might be worried about doing this alone. We'll walk with you.

There's a wide gap between Certified and Qualified. 

Employers hire and promote Qualified Inspectors

You won't get Qualified in 5 days.

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